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Advantages of Using LED Moving Heads

1. About moving head lights

The light of the moving head light has a dreamlike feeling. It can swing in any direction. Colorful lights are sprinkled on the ceiling, walls, floor, stage and audience area. Each moving head light is an independent display unit. Moving head lights are very common in bars, but also in restaurants, discos and banquet halls. As a light source, these lamps can use arc lamps or modern LED (light emitting diode) technology.

2. The advantages of using the LED moving head light

When it comes to LED lights, its low power consumption should be the biggest advantage. Moreover, the LED lights are very small. Based on the fact that the same many LED lights and ordinary light bulbs use normal power supply, the LED moving head lights by Mingtu, a reputable company providing quality lights used in events, require less power. Therefore, in addition to being very practical, the LED moving head light can also save the next money.

Another advantage of LED moving head lights is low heat radiation. Compared with normal stage lighting lights, the combination of moving head light package and LED technology makes the heat very low, which means that there is no interference during operation, and equipment failure is rare. On top of this, the life of the LED lamp is longer, it has a service life of about 50,000 hours. This makes the maintenance of the LED moving head light easier and the cost is relatively low.

The color effect of LED moving head light. There are three basic colors of LED moving head lights: red, green, and blue. These three colors (RGB) are mixed together, guaranteeing millions of color choices. A DMX can be used for management, and colors can be matched independently with the help of software on a standard PC. LED moving head lights are very flexible, which makes LED moving head lights an integral part of any light show.

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