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Advantages of Using Moving Head Lights

Moving head light is a multifunctional headlight that can be adjusted freely. If you are looking for headlights that can move around all axes and have comprehensive color changing capabilities, then moving head lights of different colors are the right choice for you. Moving head lights can be used in theaters, stage performances, concerts, fashion events or TV productions, while waterproof moving head lights can be used almost wherever the high-quality and professional lighting is required.

1. Low power consumption of moving head lights

Compared with traditional lights, LED moving head lights have lower power consumption and are most suitable for stage performances, parties and discos.

2. Low heat radiation of moving head lights

Compared with standard lighting fixtures, mobile LED moving head lights will not be so hot, therefore the lighting can run uninterruptedly.

3. Durability of moving head lights

The average life of this kind of lights is about 50,000 working hours, the maintenance cost is lower, and the maintenance is not so difficult.

4. Color effect of moving head lights

Moving head lights are famous for their charming color effects. The three basic colors (red, blue, and green) are mixed together by these lights, showing millions of color choices. And colors can be mixed quickly.

5. Moving head lights will not be affected by the weather

Moving head lights won't be affected by bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, hail or storms, so they can be set outdoors.

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