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Application Effect of the LED Wall Washer Lamps

The LED wall washer lamp is easy to install, which saves complicated installation procedures, and saves installation costs. And it is good for maintenance. LED wall washer lamp is more energy-saving and electricity-saving than traditional wall washer lamp, and large-scale and long-term application of it can save the city's objective water and electricity consumption. In addition, the LED wall washer lamp is not easy to release harmful substances, which is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and is not easy to pollute the environment. LED wall washer lamps have gradually become commonplace in our daily lives, and have become an indispensable lighting appliance in many venues. So what is the application effect of LED wall washer lamp?

1. The application effect of LED wall washer lamp

From the perspective of the application effect of the product, it is found that LED wall wash outdoor lighting can be integrated into many places, so its adaptability is good. Many large shopping malls are gradually choosing LED lighting products, because LED lighting can blend many different gloss levels, and its colorful colors give people very colorful visual effects. Besides, its light source is very beautiful and generous, and can show all kinds of lifelike dynamic images, and the overall visual effect of the image makes people feel very comfortable.

2. Introduction of LED wall washer lamp

In the operation process of LED wall washer lamp, the actual control method of LED wall washer lamp is convenient and high-tech, so it has strong application. And the light source is reliable, so that the application effect that satisfies everyone can be achieved.

(1) Output power. The output power size of the wall washer lamp determines the distance of its projection. Its output power is not fixed and can be flexibly changed according to regulations. Generally, high-power LED wall washer lamps refer to those with single and double rows, and those with three rows are called linear LED projection lights.

(2) Working voltage. The working voltage of LED wall washer lamp can be divided into direct current DC and communication AC. Generally, the built-in switching power supply is externally connected to AC380V (Japan AC110V) voltage, etc., and the external connections are generally low-voltage DC24V, DC12V, DC27V. According to different regulations and different manufacturers, the working voltage is also different.

(3) IP waterproof rating. This is the key main parameter of the wall washer light. If the waterproof level is above IP65, it is a good product. It is also necessary to specify the relevant compression resistance, crack resistance, high and low temperature resistance test, flame resistance, and impact embrittlement resistance grade.

(4) Color specifications and models. It is divided into colorful and solid color types.

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