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Christmas Light Projectors Features

Decorating a house for holidays is a very headache-you must untie all the lights that are connected together, make sure that all the light bulbs are working properly, and set the timer, there are many other things to deal with.

Christmas light projectors are a perfect substitute for traditional lights. Instead of strings of lights, you only need to install a projector and plug in the power source to project bright and colorful images on your house. You can choose some interesting patterns, such as snowflakes, garlands or Christmas trees, and even change the patterns and the speed at which they move.

Waterproof: The Christmas light projector is used outdoors, so it should be waterproof when it rains or snows.

Temperature range: Most Christmas light projectors are used outdoors, but some can be used to decorate indoors. Therefore, these lamps can withstand higher indoor temperatures as well as lower outdoor temperatures.

Color selection: Most Christmas light projectors have red, green and white lights, but some models also have other options. In fact, some lights are very rich in colors and can be used during different holidays.

Pattern selection: According to the different projection lamps, you can choose different patterns or images. Normal projection lamps use slides, so new slides can be added, and slides can even be replaced during other holidays.

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