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Guangzhou Mingtu Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. is a company engaged in the development, production, sales and installation of one-stop service.

Why Choose Mingtu

The company enjoys a certain reputation in the industry with innovative ideas, excellent quality and perfect detection system. With its cost-effective products, standardized market operations, good after-sales service, integrity for the purpose, so that all dealers and users and their peers agree.

How Mingtu Do

The company mainly has a series of products such as moving head light, follow light, scanning light, pattern light, led light, laser light, strobe light and so on. 

After years of development, the scale of the company has continues to expand and management has gradully improved. Products such as our quality lighting controller 1024, from the material source, desin and development, workshop production, magagement, testing, etc. are strictly in accordance with the national system stardards. 

We will work harder and more diligently, and continue to uphold our professionalism to proive customers with perfect services.

MITU company building
MITU company building
MITU Lighting office
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MITU Lighting factory
Company Profile
MITU Company Office
MITU Office
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