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How to Make Full Use of the Lighting Effect of Wall Washer?

Ⅰ. Methods to make full use of the lighting effect of wall washers

The wall washer is a high-power linear lamp. The lighting effect of the lamp is like water washing the ground. Therefore, to give full play to the lighting effect of the wall washers, we need to pay attention to: 

1. The structure of the lighting area: 

When using the wall washers in lighting engineering, the first thing to consider is whether the lamp is suitable. Linear structure wall washer is mainly used for flat building areas such as building walls and bridge structures; 

2. The area of the lighting area: 

The lighting distance of the wall washer with different powers is not the same, so the lighting height determines the power of the wall washer, and the length of the lighting area determines the number of wall washers. Too many lamps or too high brightness will affect the lighting effect; 

3. Wall washer Lamp color: 

Different colors are used in different places. For example, ancient temples use golden light for wall washers, while residential areas use 3000K warm white light for lighting. Colors are mostly used in buildings with strong commercial atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the functional nature of the lighting place and choose the appropriate color.

Ⅱ. The waterproof protection of the wall washers

For outdoor lighting fixtures such as outdoor wall washer, water or large amounts of dust inside the fixtures will affect the normal use of the fixtures. 

The dustproof level needs to completely prevent dust from entering, so the highest dustproof level needs to be 6. When the waterproof level is 5, low-pressure water spraying at any angle will not enter water, which can perfectly cope with outdoor rainy weather. When the waterproof level is 7, it can work in shallow water for a short time, and when the waterproof level is 8, it can work in deep water for a long time. Therefore, IP65 wall washers are mostly used in outdoor environments such as urban buildings, viaducts, and low-rise buildings, while IP67 and IP68 wall washers are mostly used in lighting areas such as rivers that are prone to soaking water.

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