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How to Use the LED Par Stage Lighting As Surface Light and Rendering Effect

Many photographers complained that the stage Par lights hit the face light. Inappropriate lighting results in the inaccurate adjustment of the color temperature of the shot, and the color is not correct, making it difficult to take pictures. So, should I choose LED Par light? How to use LED Par light to achieve good results?

1. The Par lighting for stage is used as a surface light and rendering effect

Generally, common LED Par lights have two types: warm white (white light) and full color (three in one, four in one, and five in one). The warm white LED Par light is used for stage surface lighting. Full-color is mainly used for stage color rendering effect due to the rich color mixing effect and clear light color. Correct use of LED Par lights can avoid inaccurate color temperature and incorrect color.

Stage LED Par lights have lengths and shorts, and are small in size. This kind of lamp is used for lighting or rendering effect. It is a common lamp on the stage and is an ideal replacement for traditional Par lights. The waterproof led par light has the advantages of consistent color temperature, transparent and bright light, energy saving, environmental protection, no radiation, low power, high light efficiency, and low heat. Our products are excellent in quality and rich in models. For different colors and powers, customers can choose suitable products according to their own needs.

2. The placement of Par lighting for stage

The most commonly used method of placing stage Par lights by Mingtu, a professional event lighting company, is to hang them on a suspension rod on the ceiling, allowing the LED Par lights to project light from the top, thereby evenly dyeing the stage area. Considering that the top of the stage in some places does not support hanging devices, we can also buy a light tripod, place it on the edge of the stage, and dye it horizontally. 

For occasions with limited conditions, such as temporary outdoor venues, wedding scenes, etc., you can also place the LED Par light directly on the ground and dye the stage area.

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