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LED Par Stage Lighting: the Necessities of Stage Lighting

1. Introduction of LED Par stage lighting

LED par lights are small in size and are usually used for stage lighting, surface lighting and dyeing. Its color mixing effect is rich, the light color is clear, it is necessary for stage lighting such as performances, weddings, bars, celebrations and so on. Because the beam projection can emit transparent and bright spotlight, it brings brilliant lighting effects to the stage. Without it, the stage lighting effects will be eclipsed. The traditional par light consumes a lot of power, has high heat, and the baking phenomenon is serious. It is gradually replaced by the LED par light. And the LED par light can also have the effect of dynamic color mixing.

2. LED Par stage lighting is a must for stage light

LED par lights are mainly divided into the waterproof LED Par light (it can be used for outdoor performances, etc.) and non-waterproof LED par lights. The power of LED par light is 200w, 250W, 300W. There are 18, 3 and 54 LED par lights with different lamp beads. Its signal control mode: DMX512 control and manual mode.

LED par lights are used as stage surface lights, also called spotlights and downlights, which are mainly used for lighting, mainly high-power lamp beads. The commonly used color of LED par lights is only warm white, which is small in size and is often used as a stage surface light. Compared with traditional par lights, the LED Par stage lights for disco club lighting has the advantages of accurate color temperature, transparent and bright colors, energy saving and environmental protection, low power, and low heat.

LED par lights are used as stage lighting dyeing, mainly for dyeing, color changing, and creating a stage performance atmosphere. There are large and small power lamp beads, and the common colors of lamp beads are three-in-one, four-in-one, and five-in-one. LED par lights by Mingtu, a reputable company in event lighting production, are widely used in performances, ceremonial weddings, exhibitions, conferences and other scenes. 

Compared with traditional par lights, LED par lights have richer color effects and rich color mixing effects. Among them, there are as many as 16.7 million color mixing effects of three-color lamp beads.

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