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Maintenance of the Application of RGB LED Pixel Lights

In recent years, LED display technology has developed rapidly, and LED lights have been widely used in many occasions as display technology. For example, in the light show of some large venues, many famous light shows appeared. Generally speaking, these LED lights are mainly composed of many LED pixels.

1. Application of RGB LED pixel lights

LED pixel RGB light is also called low-power point light source, secondary package point light source; RGB LED pixel light has a built-in microcomputer IC chip, which can be controlled by programming to achieve full-color effects such as colorful gradients, jumps, scanning, and water flow; it can also use a number of pixel arrays, modeling combinations to replace the screen of a certain size, which can change various patterns, texts, animations, and video effects. Therefore, the LED SMD lights are packaged into various specifications of RGB LED pixel lights, and the RGB LED pixel lights are arrayed to form an LED dot matrix screen with certain screen functions, also called LED display screens.

2. About RGB LED pixel lights

RGB LED pixel lamp is a smart lamp that can replace certain specifications of display screens to achieve the effect of dots and surfaces through pixel color mixing. RGB LED pixel lights are small in size, light in weight, and low in power consumption. They are widely used in advertising decoration lighting projects, square landscape projects, municipal lighting projects, etc. Generally speaking, the main constraint on the display effect of the LED dot matrix screen is the pixel density, that is, the combined distance between each RGB LED pixel lamp. At present, high-definition LED dot matrix screens and their ultra-small dot pitch SMD LED composite lamps have been popularized in the market.

In terms of the LED dot matrix of this kind of ultra-small dot pitch SMD LED composite lamp, because the surface array of one side of the lamp body is provided with several groups of RGB LED pixel lamps, correspondingly, a plurality of pins are arranged on the other side of the lamp body so as to make the size of the lamp body smaller, and each module contain multiple groups of RGB LED pixel lights, which is not only convenient for patching, but also more efficient, and the lamp body uses an aluminum substrate that can be routed, which can also achieve very good heat dissipation capacity.

3. The maintenance of RGB LED pixel lights

While pursuing high pixel quality, the factors that affect the service life of the lamp body such as waterproof and heat dissipation of the RGB LED pixel lamp are gradually improved. The COB of the SMD light source is wrapped with a transparent encapsulant, which has a high refractive index and makes the display effect brighter. In addition, in order to ensure long-term operation, the RGB LED pixel lamp will be potted with a silicone potting compound with three-proof protection and a certain heat dissipation effect to ensure the service life of the RGB LED pixel lamp in the harsh and variable outdoor environment.

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