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380W 20R Beam Spot Wash 3 in1 Moving Head Light

Refer to the latest technology of 3in1 beam moving head light in China and abroad, our new 380W 20R sharpy moving head spot light was designed by experienced engineers, they has passed six months test to make this new revised light. 

We have simplified each complex modules assembly system, we also have to make sure to realize all functions. Like our 17r 350w beam spot wash light, this 20R sharpy light is cheap in price, high in quality, and has compact module structure. 

The space between each modules are equalization and balance, the cooling wind channels are unobstructed. These features make the light continuous use in long time.

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Moving Head Light Application

Our moving head light can be applied in different accessions, and they are ideal for theaters, studios, large live performances, nightclubs and disco venues.