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Moving Head Light Low Price
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470W BSW 3in1 Moving Head Light

This beam spot wash moving head light is hotsale and very popular in North America and South America. 


Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz

Total power: 600W

Fuse: 7A

Ballast: 460V

Light source: 470W bulb

Color temperature: 7800K (Integral bulbs and reflectors have higher packaging efficiency and longer life, comparable to our moving head 230w 7r)

Number of motors: 15 silent motors, XY three-phase motors

Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment.

Fixed color wheel: white + 8 colors + linear CTO

Static pattern plate: 6 white light + 9 patterns

Dynamic effect pattern wheel: white + aperture + 3 arc dynamic effect patterns

Metal rotating disc: white light + 7 glass patterns

Prism: 8 prism.16 prism. Double prisms can be stacked 24, two-way independent rotation)

Control channel: 20 channels/26 channels can be switched, more than our quality beam 250 moving head

Control signal: International standard DMX512

Appearance: high temperature resistant plastic

Light body weight: 18Kg

Protection level: IP20

Effect video of 470W BSW

470W BSW
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Moving Head Light Application

Our moving head light can be applied in different accessions, and they are ideal for theaters, studios, large live performances, nightclubs and disco venues.