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480W Frame Light

This is LED 480W High Power Frame Light.

With high brighness, rich effects, clear cut frame, etc.


Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz

Light source: 482W OSRAM

Color temperature: 7500K

Light life: 1500 hours

Color rendering index: >85

Horizontal scan: 540° (16bit precision scan)

Vertical scan: 270° (16bit precision scan)

Color: uniform and smooth CHY+CTO color mixing system (2700K-6500K)

1 color plate: 9 kinds of color plates + white light, half-color effect pattern; rich effect as our quality spot wash beam

Prism disc: Rotate 3 prisms, can be rotated in both positive and negative directions. 

Focus: electronic focus, ultra-smooth adjustment of focus. 

Strobe: fast strobe, pulse strobe

1 rotating gobo plate: 6 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern jitter

1 fixed gobo plate: 7 fixed gobos + circle effect zone with pattern jitter function; rich pattern, comparable to our magnificent beam 350 17r

Atomization: lightly atomized film

Magnification: 2.5°-43° linear zoom, beam mode beam angle 25°, beam mode spot can be zoomed and zoomed

Protection level: IP20

Motion effect area: super dazzling simulation of the flame of motion effect. Dynamic effects such as gurgling water

Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming; relatively flexible, compared with our quality beam 260

Cutting disc: a set of controllable light spot cutting angle system composed of 4 corner cutting pieces. The whole cutting angle system can be rotated by 120°. Through precise control of the light cutting piece, it can create triangles, rhombuses and rectangles in any direction. Equal-shaped spot display

Touch color LCD display: optional with rechargeable battery, you can enter the menu to set address code and perform other settings without powering on. Other functions. Input signal isolation protection function to ensure stable signal transmission and free from interference.

Weight: 21kg


Effect video of 480W Frame Light

480W Frame Light
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LED Moving Head Light Application

Our LED moving head light can be applied in different accessions, and they are ideal for theaters, studios, large live performances, nightclubs and disco venues.