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Led Sharpy
Led Sharpy
Led Sharpy Light
Led Spot Moving Head Light

700W Frame Light

This is LED 700W High Power Frame Light.

With high brighness, rich effects, clear cut frame, etc.


Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz

Light source: high power 700W white light LED, 6800K

LED life: 20,000 hours

CRI: ≥74 / ≥90

Horizontal scanning: 540° or 630° (16 bit precision scanning), vertical scanning: 270° (16 bit precision scanning), the advanced scanning system is faster, stable and quieter, with automatic error correction reset function

Uniform and smooth CMY+CTO color mixing system

1 color plate: 7 fixed color plates + white light, half-color effect, color plates can be positioned arbitrarily, with rainbow effect of bidirectional rotation; the color is as rich as our quality beam spot wash

Focusing: electronic focusing, ultra-smooth focus adjustment

Aperture: 5%~100% smooth adjustment

1 rotating gobo plate: 6 plug-in rotating gobos + white circle, with pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary positioning function

1 fixed pattern plate: 8 plug-in fixed pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern jitter function; rich pattern, comparable to our magnificent beam 17r 350w

Prism disk: Rotating 3 prisms + 6 linear-prism, can be rotated in the forward and reverse directions, can be superimposed on prisms, and has a prism positioning function

Strobe: the frequency can reach up to 25Hz, and random strobe and pulse strobe can be selected

Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming

Atomization: 0~100% linear atomization

Magnification: 4.5°~50° linear zoom

Channel: 36 international standard DMX512 channels; relatively flexible, compared with our beam 260w moving head

Cutting disc: a set of controllable light spot cutting angle system composed of 4 corner cutting pieces. The whole cutting angle system can be rotated by 90°. Through precise control of the light cutting piece, it can create triangles, rhombuses and rectangles in any direction. Equal shape spot

Effect panel: super dazzling simulation of dynamic flames, gurgling water and other dynamic effects

Touch color LCD display

With RDM function

Size: 510L×345W×800H(mm)

Net weight: 40kgs

Gross weight: 43kgs

Effect video of 700W Frame Light

700W Frame Light
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LED Moving Head Light Application

Our LED moving head light can be applied in different accessions, and they are ideal for theaters, studios, large live performances, nightclubs and disco venues.