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Dmx 512 Lighting Controller
Dmx 512 Lighting Controller
Dmx512 Led
Dmx512 Light Controller
Dmx512 Wireless Controller
512 Dmx
Led Dmx512
Dmx 512 Led Lights
Rgbw Dmx512 Controller

DMX 512 Controller

As a reputable company in DMX channel control system, Mingtu provides advanced dmx 512 rgbw led lighting master console for mixed effect. This standard wireless stage dimer is designed with simple programming language, cheap in price. For more information, please refer to our pdf user manual.


Features of DMX 512 Controller

Technical Information of DMX 512 Controller

Net weight5.9kg
Gross weight8.0kg
Product size485×400×115mm
DMX512/1990 standard, 512 DMX control channel.
2 optical isolation independent drive signal output ports. It can resist a 2000Vrms electric shock.
This smart dmx controller is with independent plugged plate structure, easy to replace.
It can control 32 16 channel computer lights. Large-screen LCD display run parameter with backlight
16 channel push rod, 1-speed control pushrod.
1600 lights program step storage capacity. 48 light walking programs, with a maximum of 100 steps per program.
Step velocity, gradient parameter independent
Step speed, gradient parameter independent set. Optional music synchronization or manual rate control.
Can run the 4 programs, the 48 scenes at the same time, and also can make the lantern operation on the 32 computer lights.
The X/Y of different kinds of computer lights is controlled by the shuttle wheel.
16Bit computer lamp X/Y control precision.
Like dmx controller 1024, 15 environmental program, fast transfer of different scenes, the lights go on manual operation (lantern) combination.
The source of the music triggering signal can be taken from the input of the audio line or the maintenance of the built-in microphone pickup.
Built-in high-performance green switching power supply, extremely low power harmonic distortion, and very wide range of voltage adaptationConforms to the power requirements of countries all over the world

Effect video of DMX 512

DMX 512
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