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Quickly Distinguish Between LED Wall Washer and LED Projection Light

A large number of LED wall washers and led projection lights are often used in outdoor lighting projects. Both of them can directly decorate the building. By contrasting and complementing each other, the places that need to be brightened will be beautiful. However, if it is used improperly, it may be counterproductive. How do we select these two types of lamps?

Ⅰ. The difference between LED wall washer and projection light

1.  Directly look at the appearance of the lamp. The commonly used LED wall washers are all linear structures with a length of 1 meter; while the shells of LED projection lights are square, round and specially customized.  

2. The effect of the lighting range is different. The LED wall washer has a linear structure, and the lighting effect seen by the light is also linear. The light source distribution of LED projection lights is relatively concentrated, and the lighting effect is cone-shaped. The farther the distance, the larger the lighting range, and the closer to the light-emitting surface of the lamp, the smaller the lighting range. 

3. There are differences in the use places of the two. LED wall washers are commonly used in real estate building walls, municipal lighting projects, bridge guardrails and other places to wash the building surface as a whole; while LED projection lights are due to their lighting range The characteristic of, it is more inclined to focus on the designated area of lighting, so it is mostly used in landmark buildings, lawns, advertising signs and other places.

Ⅱ. The control method of led wall washer

The LED wall washer has two control methods: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require an external controller and can be built in a variety of change modes (up to six), while the external control needs to be equipped with an external control controller to achieve color changes. The application is also mostly externally controlled. The LED wall washer is controlled by a built-in microchip. In small-scale engineering applications, it can be used without a controller. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flashing, random flashing, and gradual alternation. You can also achieve the effects of chasing, scanning, etc. through the control of DMX.

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