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The Function and Application of DMX 512 Controllers

With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of science and technology, various types of high-tech products have appeared around everyone; and modern society has also produced a modern technological beauty, such as various types of lights. The DMX 512 controller is used to control the lights. So where is the DMX 512 controller applied? What are the characteristics?

The DMX512 main control system is a set of LED full-color control system for indoor and outdoor lighting control of buildings, which can easily modify the lighting effects in the controller at any time. The control system realizes 256 gray levels of R, G, B, and W, realizing full color truly. It boasts unique wireless remote control and button control mode and speed adjustment function; it has more than 40 change modes and 10-level speed adjustment; it has the power-off memory function.

1. Features of DMX 512 controller

The DMX 512 controller needs to be connected to a computer when it works. The USB interface is used when connecting. After connection, the control can be achieved through the operation interface on the computer: in fact, the operation process of this device is very simple, as long as you follow the relevant instructions. Nowadays, DMX 512 controller is usually used in lighting control in various large squares, shopping malls, and stage.

The DMX 512 controller has a very complete editing capability of LED lamps in terms of functions, and various display effects can be set, which is very suitable for controlling LED lamps: the interface has two modes in Chinese and English. When choosing, you need to ensure system security and stability according to your real needs so as to ensure that data is not lost.

2. The role of DMX 512 controller

The biggest function of the DMX 512 LED controller is to use the simplest and most flexible operation method to provide people with the most effective using help. Its flexible editing function allows users to edit the type of light according to their needs, and then to carry out the corresponding control.

3. Application occasions of DMX 512 controller

There will be a variety of lights in the bar. These lights have different colors, intensities and combinations to form different atmospheres. These need to be realized through the function of this equipment. Through some programming, the bar can become colorful; there is a profession as a light modifier in the society, and DMX 512 controller is no stranger to them, because they can control the stage lighting through this device, so that the stage becomes more dazzling. In addition to these, the DMX 512 controller can also be used in various shop advertisements, large commercial stages, jewelry counter lighting, neon light dimming and other occasions, so it can always be seen when dimming.

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