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The Function and Precautions of LED Moving Head Light

With the development of society and the advancement of technology, people's living standards have improved. Everyone's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher. Nowadays, some young people always like to gather a group of friends in their leisure time and have a party at home or elsewhere. In order to create a lively atmosphere, people will install a LED moving head light on the ceiling. The colorful lights stimulate everyone's nerves, making the atmosphere more and more lively.

1. Know the LED moving head lights

The most important thing about LED moving head light is how to achieve the best combination of main light, auxiliary light, background light and ambient interference light; it serves to create an atmosphere without superfluous. The LED moving head light is usually placed in three-quarters of the main light source, but it can also be placed in any other position according to the needs of the specific scene. The point is that the main light is usually the light considered first, and use it to create preliminary lighting effects in the scene.

2. The role and precautions of LED moving head lights

The function of the LED moving head wash lights is to shake in the air and create a variety of patterns on the walls and ceiling to create a dynamic effect on the stage. You can program it with a computer to set different shaking methods depending on the shaking method, so taht can set off different atmospheres such as cheerfulness and romance.

The LED moving head light needs to pay attention to: 

(1) Pay attention to hanging it up, so that there is no obstruction. 

(2) The LED moving head light is best matched with the dyeing lamp. The so-called dyeing lamp is the lamp that can produce different colors to render the overall color. 

(3) It is recommended to use a single color, otherwise there are too many and too mixed colors, not only can not produce colorful effects, but also appear very messy, then the effect is not good. 

(4) If you want to make the LED moving head light work with color effects, you can partially blend in other colors in a small area, and it is better to have a closer color, such as adding a small amount of purple to red.

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