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What Are the Functions of the LED Wall Washer Lamp?

LED wall washer is not a lamp used to wash the wall, but refers to this kind of lamps that let the light wash the wall like water, and it is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. So what is the role of LED wall washer?

1. The role of LED wall washer lamp

The rgb wall wash lighting of Mingtu Photoelectric generally adopts RGB control mode and the international standard DMX512 protocol control system. The stable performance of the lamp is ensured by the high-end chip and built-in constant current power supply. The LED wall washer can also adopt a separate power supply design to reduce the influence of heat generated during use, and it can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The LED wall washer lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum, and the surface is oxidized, which makes it have a better heat dissipation effect, a longer life, and a more refined and beautiful appearance.

The power module of the LED wall washer lamp is installed inside the housing and the space is limited. In order to save space, some manufacturers solder pin-type components on the PCB. This approach is unacceptable. These surface-welded pin components, especially for the outdoor led wash lights, are likely to fall off due to false welding and other reasons, causing danger. Therefore, socket welding should be adopted as much as possible for these components. If surface welding is unavoidable, it is necessary to provide additional protection for this component by fixing it with glue.

2. Where is the LED wall washer lamp generally used?

Where is the LED wall washer generally used?

Such as: single building, exterior wall lighting of historical buildings. Inside the building, the light is transmitted through the outside lighting, and the indoor local lighting. Green landscape lighting, billboard lighting. Lighting for specialized facilities such as medical treatment and culture. Atmosphere lighting in bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues. Generally, LED wall washers by Mingtu, a reputable company in professional event lighting, are used in outdoor projects. For example, bridge lighting, lighting the beautiful scenery, building floor lighting. 

The wall washer is an LED light source, so the effects that can be achieved are more diverse: it can be made into a colorful light, control the effect you want with a controller, and effects such as gradual change of light can be achieved.

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